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Our Strategy

Together we are equipping churches in the former Soviet Union with the resources for outreach in their local communities. By working with, for, and through local Bible-believing churches, we are able to help build a lasting framework in each community for reaching the unsaved with the Gospel, training the next generation, and caring for those in need.


Provide materials and resources to churches in the former Soviet Union for personal evangelism in their local communities.


Invest in the lives of young adults through Biblical discipleship so they will be equipped to make a difference in their own and in the next generation.


Support churches in their local outreach ministries to those in need as they demonstrate God’s love--opening doors and hearts to the Gospel.

475,000 people reached with the Gospel

363 widows were cared for in 2020

2,000 children attended summer camps

Over 100,000 Bibles were distributed

27 Hope Centers are supported monthly

You can be
a part:

    • by giving a gift and support the ministry
    • by praying for the ministry
    • by receiving regular information about the ministry to know what God is doing
    • by sharing with others what God is doing on the mission field

    what god is doing

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